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Young people could decide the outcome of the Canadian election this October.

This is our time to decide — our time for a Green New Deal.

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Are you a young person or a millennial?

Sign the pledge to vote for candidates who support a Green New Deal — a real action plan that tackles climate change and inequality.

For decades, fossil fuel billionaires and their political allies have put people and the planet in jeopardy. Last fall, scientists confirmed we only have 12 years to cut our emissions in half to avoid catastrophic climate change.

While the political establishment continues compromising our future, inequality keeps rising, injustice deepens, and the climate crisis gets worse and worse. Their time is over. The 2019 election is Our Time.

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For this campaign, we’re focused on organizing young people and millennials under the age of 35. But to win, we will need everyone. If you’re young at heart or an ally in this fight, click here to join the movement.

Who We Are

Our Time is a national campaign led by young people and millennials who are championing a vision for a Green New Deal for Canada — an ambitious plan to tackle climate change and inequality together. Our goal is to organize and mobilize a generational alliance of young and millennial voters that’s big enough and bold enough to push politicians to support a Green New Deal in the lead up to the 2019 election. This campaign is supported by 350.org and a growing network of local Our Time hubs across the country.

Our Guiding Principles

We are building a movement led by young people that…

  • Confronts climate change and builds a more just and equitable world in the process.

    We are organizing to combat the worst effects of climate change by making a Green New Deal for Canada politically possible. We unite to make transformational climate action an urgent priority in the 2019 election, to end the corrupting influence of fossil fuel executives on our politics, to uphold Indigenous rights, and to elect leaders who stand up for the dignity and well-being of all people.


  • Lifts up the resistance of Indigenous peoples and their voices in our movement.

    We acknowledge that colonialism is an ongoing, violent, and oppressive process, and that the settler-colonial government of Canada has not lived up to their obligations to Indigenous peoples. With this, we strive to come into a renewed relationship with Indigenous peoples by respecting Indigenous leadership and fighting for Indigenous sovereignty. Especially in struggles for climate justice, we recognize that a victory is not a victory unless it is consented to by Indigenous peoples who are at the forefront of this movement both locally and globally.


  • Listens to our communities and those on the frontlines.

    We grow our power through talking and listening to our networks and communities. We engage with our neighbors, families,  faith communities, unions, classmates, teachers, and friends in order to spread our movement. Our strength and work is rooted in both our national networks and our local communities.  We are committed to getting comfortable with being uncomfortable. We listen to and build connections with those beyond our everyday networks, especially those on the frontlines, to build power and deepen our movement.


  • Stands with other movements for change.

    Limiting climate change and its impacts requires winning and holding power at every level of government. This is a huge job and we can’t do it alone. We see our movement as inseparable from movements for racial, migrant, social, and economic justice.  We work with these movements to grow our collective power and build the world we need.


  • Embraces difference, seeing it as our greatest strength.

    We come to this movement  from all walks of life. We are of many genders, races, and backgrounds. We have many stories and live in many places— from the Prairies, to the mountains, to the coasts. We find strength in our differences and are united in a shared struggle for a society that works for all of us.


  • Is non-violent in action and word.

    We uphold nonviolence to restore community and resist systems of injustice. Remaining nonviolent allows us to win the hearts of the public and welcomes the most people to participate. We need mass participation in order to achieve our goals.


  • Honours everyone.

    We tell our stories and we honour each other’s stories. We all have something to lose to climate change, and something to gain in coming together. We tell our individual stories to connect with each other and understand the many different ways this crisis impacts us.


  • Values everyone’s contributions.

    We each have something to offer this movement. We share our skills, networks and resources. We take the time to reflect on exactly how we can best contribute and ask for help when we need it. Some of us give organizational or institutional support. Some of us give money. Some of us donate housing or meeting space. We grow this movement by valuing everyone’s contributions.


  • Takes initiative.

    Anyone is welcome to organize with Our Time if they follow these principles. We ask for advice — not permission — from each other to make this happen. We prioritize skill-building and the training of new and young organizers, recognizing we are in this fight for the long-term. To make decisions, we ask ourselves, “does this bring us closer to our goal?” We consult and check in, with a focus on doing the work that is exciting and makes sense for our strategy.


  • Is creative, experimental and solutions-oriented.

    We embrace experimentation and we learn together. We welcome imperfection, share innovations, and learn through honest mistakes followed by honest conversations that help us move forward together. If we see something we don’t like, we contribute with something we do, modeling an alternative.


  • Centers care– of ourselves, one another, our communities, and our shared home.

    We know that this work is hard so we make space for ourselves and one another to step forward or back as needed. But we also acknowledge that doing this work requires community care. We are intentional about creating community spaces that promote our social, spiritual, mental and physical health.


  • Is clear-eyed in its goals and how to get there.

    We are not looking to the right or left. We look forward. We are not affiliated with any party but seek Green New Deal champions from all parties (and beyond!) who have the courage to stand up to the political and corporate élites holding our futures hostage.


  • Is irresistible.

    Tearing down our broken system to build a new world isn’t easy work. But we give ourselves permission to feel the joy that can come from organizing together. We laugh, play, sing and dance to make this movement one that is irresistible

We’re looking for young leaders across the country to start organizing in support of a Green New Deal for Canada in the lead up to the 2019 election. Join a local hub to get started.

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What is a Green New Deal for Canada?

Canada’s Green New Deal is a vision to transform our economy and society to tackle climate change at the pace and scale that science and justice demand. Exactly how we do that is something that people, social movements, and communities across Canada will define, but here’s one idea of what it could look like.

Why is this campaign focused on young people?

Winning a Green New Deal for Canada will take all of us. Our Time is organizing people under 35 because young people and millennials are a generational climate frontline, and because we are the largest voting bloc this election. If you’re over 35, you still have a critical role in this fight. Click here to get involved.

What if I want to do more than sign a pledge?

That’s great! You can click here to join or start a local Our Time hub.

What are some other campaigns in support of a Green New Deal for Canada?

Thankfully, there is a ton of work happening around this already. Click here to find the petition organized by our friends at The Leap. In Quebec, Le Pacte Pour Transition has been another amazing campaign pushing for massive economic transition to deal with climate change.

Is this campaign affiliated with any political parties?

No, Our Time is a non-partisan campaign looking to push politicians across the spectrum towards a bold, visionary Green New Deal for Canada. Our Time will push all parties, and candidates, to support a Green New Deal for Canada. Our hope is that parties adopt the Green New Deal into their party platform and that if they don’t, candidates pledge to go beyond the platform, doing whatever it takes to win a Green New Deal. We can move the window of what’s politically possible, and change politics so that, together, we can win the kind of climate action we really need. While we understand the constraints of politics, winning a Green New Deal means changing them, and like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez says in this video – we can be whatever we have the courage to see.

Cette campagne existe-elle en français? Is this website available in French?

Pas encore! On a besoin de vous pour démarrer ce projet au Québec! Si vous voulez créer un groupe Our Time/Notre moment quelque part au Québec, remplissez ce formulaire.

Not yet! We need your help to get organizing off the ground in Quebec. If you’re interested in starting an Our Time hub in Quebec, please fill out this form.


From Vietnam to Ottawa, the climate crisis is impacting the places I call home

In April this year, that proverbial train crashed not once, but twice into two of the places I call home. Vietnam saw record high temperatures right outside where my grandparents live at the beginning of the summer. At the same time, my new home in Ottawa saw a once-in-a-100-year flood for the second time in the last three years.

The road to a made-in-Canada Green New Deal

Social movement leaders have laid out the broad strokes for Canada’s Green New Deal to address climate change and inequality.

But bringing this idea to life will mean transformative policy change to completely retool the economy. And, in order for it to truly work for everyone, the vision for a Green New Deal must be built from the ground up.

I work in the fossil fuel industry and I believe in a Green New Deal

No more oil production means that my current job no longer exists. However, I know that the longer this industry expands, the more likely we are headed towards a climate crisis. And I don’t take comfort knowing that my labour is sending us towards that bleak future.

How 5 youth convinced Jagmeet Singh to say yes to a Green New Deal

As five young people who barely knew each other a week ago it was an incredibly inspiring moment because we were able to shift the conversation just by showing up strategically. We urge other young people across the country to step up and go to the various town halls parties will be having in the upcoming months.