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Our Time Newsletter 1

Election campaigns are fast-paced and constantly changing, so we want to make sure all of you know what’s going on. Every Wednesday, we’ll publish a newsletter like this one. It will include the key action and message of the week, highlights from Our Time hubs across the country, and the election state of play.

From Vietnam to Ottawa, the climate crisis is impacting the places I call home

In April this year, that proverbial train crashed not once, but twice into two of the places I call home. Vietnam saw record high temperatures right outside where my grandparents live at the beginning of the summer. At the same time, my new home in Ottawa saw a once-in-a-100-year flood for the second time in the last three years.

The road to a made-in-Canada Green New Deal

Social movement leaders have laid out the broad strokes for Canada’s Green New Deal to address climate change and inequality.

But bringing this idea to life will mean transformative policy change to completely retool the economy. And, in order for it to truly work for everyone, the vision for a Green New Deal must be built from the ground up.

I work in the fossil fuel industry and I believe in a Green New Deal

No more oil production means that my current job no longer exists. However, I know that the longer this industry expands, the more likely we are headed towards a climate crisis. And I don’t take comfort knowing that my labour is sending us towards that bleak future.

How 5 youth convinced Jagmeet Singh to say yes to a Green New Deal

As five young people who barely knew each other a week ago it was an incredibly inspiring moment because we were able to shift the conversation just by showing up strategically. We urge other young people across the country to step up and go to the various town halls parties will be having in the upcoming months.