First, we asked our network to consider nominating local candidates.

A few weeks ago, we launched a national search for Green New Deal champions. We released a public nomination form and candidate engagement resources. In cities with Our Time teams, dozens of local organizers met with candidates to learn about their track record and plans for a Green New Deal.

We were looking for:

  • Bold leaders with a track record and experience that proves they will push the envelope and fight for a Green New Deal.
  • Green New Deal champions who will take risks, organize fellow Members of Parliament, and work across party lines to implement Green New Deal legislation.
  • People-powered candidates who are running a grassroots campaign and will work with communities to advance a Green New Deal when they’re in office.

At the same time, we analyzed party positions on a Green New Deal.

In order to inform our decision, we researched how party platforms stack up against our four pillars of a Green New Deal: listen to the science, respect Indigenous rights and sovereignty, create millions of good jobs, and enshrine dignity, justice, and equity for all.

We wrote up our analysis on the Liberal platform, the NDP platform, the Green platform, and the Conservative platform.

Then, local organizers made their nominations.

Anyone was able to submit a nomination online, and we prioritized nominations from active Our Time teams, where young people working on a Green New Deal met with candidates, then worked together to put forward the candidates they are most excited to support.

We worked with Our Time teams to finalize our first round of endorsements.

Our slate is made up of candidates that the Our Time movement is confident will fight for a Green New Deal. All the endorsed candidates are in or near cities with a fired-up base of young people who are ready to turn out and support them. Want to help? Find your nearest Green New Deal champion.

Think there is someone missing from this slate?

We’re continuing to accept nominations on a rolling basis and may release another round of endorsements. We will continue prioritizing nominations from existing Our Time teams, and working with local teams to make final decisions.

On September 23rd, we released our second round of endorsements. Here’s our reflection on Round 2.