The Path to Winning a Green New Deal for Canada

Canada needs a Green New Deal to fight the climate crisis at the scale that science and justice demand. A Green New Deal for Canada would transform our economy at the scale needed to stop the climate crisis and transform our society in a way that works for everyone. A Green New Deal for Canada is our fighting chance to actually stop this crisis and it’s an idea that some of us have been waiting our whole lives to see.

Photo Credit: Allan Lissner

Here’s how we win a Green New Deal for Canada:

  1. Build an enormous voting alliance of young people and millenials united around a Green New Deal for Canada.
  2. Build momentum by uniting across generations, movements, and communities to push candidates to step up and commit their support for Canada’s Green New Deal.
  3. Organize thousands of our friends to vote for Green New Deal champions and against politicians in the pocket of Big Oil this fall.
  4. Be ready after the election with a mass movement that’s already organizing and taking action to transform our economy on the timeline that science demands, creating millions of jobs, enshrining reconciliation with Indigenous peoples, and ensuring justice and dignity for all. We achieve this by taking action and raising our voices.

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