Call Cross-Country Check Up to Say:

CBC, It is Time to Change the Debate

Photo Credit: Abdul Malik


Tips for Getting on the Air

Big thanks to Our Time Toronto for writing these pointers up! 

  1. Prepare what you want to say. Write down a couple of points you want to make on the call.  Speak from the heart and keep your message short. The more concise and clear you are, the more air time you will get.
  2. Call early and call often. These shows get a lot of callers, so call the line head of when the show is going to go live. If you don’t get through, keep trying. And once you hear ringing, don’t hang up.
  3. Convince the Call Screener. Before you get on the air, you’ll have to make the case of why you should go on. Offering to be a resource for the host will increase your chances of getting on the air, so volunteer an answer to a question or cover a topic raised by another caller. You may be asked for your name, location, phone number, and call topic. The screener will be in a hurry, so keep it short and to-the-point.
  4. Make your point and do it swiftly. If you make it on the show, don’t go down a winding story. Say what you have to say simply and clearly, and then stop.  Let the host pick it up from there.
  5. Hold Your Ground. If the host interrupts, firmly and politely say, “May I please finish my point?”
  6. Be polite and calm. You won’t impress anyone by attacking the host or being combative. Your goal is to be compelling, make it personal, and communicate your call to action for the CBC.
  7. Reduce background noise. When it is your turn to talk turn off your radio, and either speak directly into your phone (not on speakerphone) or use a hands-free headset so that you are as clear as possible.
  8. Finally, we let people know that if they had questions, they can find out more at! 

On July 17th, communities from coast to coast took action to say: CBC, It is Time to Change the Debate

On July 17th, thousands of people in dozens of communities, from Atlantic Canada to the Yukon, turned out to call for the CBC to organize a federal leaders’ climate debate during the October election.

We forced CBC to make a statement but they still haven’t committed to hosting a climate debate.

The fight isn’t over. You can sign the petition to continue to push the CBC to pick a side.

Sign the petition

See what’s next

What did CBC say and what’s next?

We turned out in such numbers that the CBC already responded to our call for a climate debate. They told us that they agree climate change is an important issue, but that it’s up to the Leaders’ Debates Commission to make a climate debate happen. Ironically, the Leaders’ Debates Commission told us they thought climate was an important issue, but it would be up to the broadcasters to make a climate debate happen. In our eyes, that means that together, the CBC and the Debates Commission could make this happen, they just need to keep getting pushed. 

Here’s how we’re going to make sure this climate debate happens: 

  • First, during the actions yesterday, we launched a petition asking Jennifer McGuire – the CBC’s Editor in Chief – to make a climate debate happen. This will add to the 10,000+ names that have already called on the Leaders’ Debates Commission to hold a Green New Deal. Click here to add your name.
  • Second, we’ll continue to pressure the CBC with creative, hard-hitting actions online and off. More on that soon.
  • Third, we’re going to keep organizing and building the movement for a made-in-Canada Green New Deal. That’s going to include more actions escalating our fight to win this climate debate. And that’s just the beginning. To learn more about what’s next, join our upcoming webinar. 

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