What would a Green New Deal for Canada look like?

At its simplest, a Green New Deal is a bold vision for tackling  climate change and inequality at the same time. It’s a plan to deal with climate change at the scale that science, and justice, demand. We think that a Green New Deal for Canada needs to achieve four goals:

  1. It meets the scale and urgency of the climate crisis, listening to and basing its prescriptions for climate action on the best available science.
  2. It creates millions of good jobs through a historic economic mobilization to get Canada to 100% renewable energy that works for everyone.
  3. It enshrines dignity, justice, and equity for all, ensuring climate solutions are solutions that lift up all communities and reflect the reality that frontline, marginalized and Indigenous communities are bearing the brunt of fossil fuel and climate impacts.
  4. It works in service of real reconciliation — respecting the rights, title and sovereignty of Indigenous Peoples.

Read more about what this could look like here.

We also know that these goals and policies do not make up the entirety of a Green New Deal for Canada. That’s why we’re working with allies from across different communities, causes, and movements to fight for a broad, transformative vision for a massive economic and social mobilization to tackle the climate crisis. As the movement for this grows, we look forward to building this vision together. Learn more about the national movement for a Green New Deal here.

We know that in order for a Green New Deal to truly work for everyone, it must be built from the ground up. That’s why since mid-May, people from coast to coast to coast have been gathering at town halls to crowd-source climate change solutions that will help their communities thrive. Over 200 town halls are taking place across the country. To find one near you click here.

Photo Credit: Allan Lissner