As the generation that will live through wildfires, crop failure, and extreme weather, millenials and young people are leading this fight, but everyone has a critical part to play in this movement.

This is our time to take back power for the people and to defend our collective future. We need your support.

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Photo Credit: Allan Lissner

Do you support a Green New Deal for Canada?

Canada needs a plan to tackle climate change that listens to both science and justice. That means ending our reliance on fossil fuels and ensuring that the shift to 100% renewables is fair for people and communities.

What we need is a made-in-Canada “Green New Deal” – a vision for tackling climate change at the true scale of the crisis. If we do this in the right way, we can deal with more than emissions, enacting policies that work to tackle economic, social, racial and climate justice at the same time. But, to make that happen, we’re going to need all hands on deck.

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