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Example Letter 1

Dear Editor,

For the last few summers, I’ve watched BC, my home province, burn from unprecedented forest fires that are unquestionably connected to climate change. I’ve watched my friends struggle with asthma attacks even in urban centers. I’ve followed the stories of mass evacuations in remote and rural parts of the province.

In the country, where I was born, Pakistan, every summer brings deadly heatwaves and droughts that claim more and more lives every year.

We are undoubtedly in a climate emergency. The government of Canada, along with many others around the world, has even declared a national climate emergency. And if we don’t take action immediately we can expect things to get much, much worse.

In a federal election year, we have a critical opportunity to make sure that real solutions to the climate crisis, like a Green New Deal, are at the center of every party’s platform. That’s why we need a leaders’ debate on climate change before voters hit the ballot box on October 21st.

It is shameful that climate change only received 15 minutes of air time in federal leaders’ debates in the last election. Our climate and our planet simply can’t afford for that to happen again.

That’s why I am one of tens of thousands of people that have called on CBC, Canada’s public broadcaster, to host a leaders’ debate on the climate crisis and a Green New Deal ahead of the fall election.



Vancouver, BC

Example Letter 2

Dear Editor,

For weeks, I’ve been among the thousands of people in Canada calling for the CBC to host a federal leaders’ debate on climate change and a Green New Deal. We’re calling on the CBC to fulfill its mandate as our national, public broadcaster and ensure that voters across Canada have the information they need to cast their vote to tackle climate emergency.

Earlier this year, Canada declared a national climate emergency. Before and after that, dozens of cities and towns have done the same and, according to the CBC’s journalistic standards and practices, our national broadcaster has a responsibility, during national emergencies, to provide special, critical coverage. This is one of those moments. 

The CBC can and should host this debate, but every media outlet in Canada, including this one, should support this critical debate. The IPCC has given us 11 years to get our act together and keep global temperature rise below catastrophic levels. The government we elect this fall will lead us through 4 of those years, and it’s up to our media to ensure voters have the information they want and need to cast a vote for real climate action.

Thank you,


On July 17th, communities from coast to coast took action to say: CBC, It is time to Change the Debate

On July 17th, thousands of people in dozens of communities, from Atlantic Canada to the Yukon, turned out to call for the CBC to organize a federal leaders’ climate debate during the October election.

We forced CBC to make a statement but they still haven’t committed to hosting a climate debate.

The fight isn’t over. You can sign the petition to continue to push the CBC to pick a side.

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What did CBC say and what’s next?

We turned out in such numbers that the CBC already responded to our call for a climate debate. They told us that they agree climate change is an important issue, but that it’s up to the Leaders’ Debates Commission to make a climate debate happen. Ironically, the Leaders’ Debates Commission told us they thought climate was an important issue, but it would be up to the broadcasters to make a climate debate happen. In our eyes, that means that together, the CBC and the Debates Commission could make this happen, they just need to keep getting pushed.