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April 17, 2019

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Our Time campaign launches to organize young voters for Canada’s Green New Deal

Largest voting bloc in 2019 election looking for climate action, social and economic justice

OTTAWA – Earlier today, the Our Time campaign was launched across Canada. With hub groups already established in Vancouver, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Toronto, Ottawa, and Halifax, organizers across the country are gearing up to build a massive voting alliance of young people and millenials united around a Green New Deal for Canada.

“Canada needs a Green New Deal to fight the climate crisis at the scale that science and justice demand,” explained Amber Dyck an organizer with the Our Time Ottawa hub. “Young people could decide the outcome of the Canadian election this October, the time of our political leaders doing business as usual is done, we’re tired of watching politicians fail to take this crisis seriously. This is our time to decide and our time for a Green New Deal.”

The website for Our Time, launched earlier today, details four key pillars for a made-in-Canada Green New Deal:

  • It meets the scale and urgency of the climate crisis.
  • It creates millions of good jobs.
  • It enshrines dignity, justice, and equity for all, ensuring climate solutions lift up all communities and reflect the reality that frontline, marginalized and Indigenous communities are bearing the brunt of fossil fuel and climate impacts.
  • It works in service of real reconciliation — respecting the rights, title and sovereignty of Indigenous Peoples.

“We don’t live single-issue lives and climate change isn’t a single-issue problem,” said Avery Shannon, an organizer with the Our Time Vancouver hub. “If we want to tackle climate change, we have to tackle inequality; from the indigenous frontlines to disability justice. Our vision for this Green New Deal is to address all of that and more.”

Our Time organizers are calling on politicians of all stripes to step up and take up the mantle of a Green New Deal ahead of the 2019 election, and are planning to organize across generations to make it happen.

“I’m no longer a young person, but as a parent and someone involved in the climate fight for years, this generation, this election, and this idea for a Green New Deal is something I’m committed to support,” added Clayton Thomas-Muller, Stop-it-at-the-Source campaigner with “We have a climate crisis in this country all the while Canada continues to fail on Indigenous rights. The Green New Deal is a way we can line up to tackle both.”  



Cameron Fenton