Key Action & Message of the Week:

There are three big things happening this week. First, petition deliveries are happening at CBC offices across Canada. Second, on Friday we will announce plans to take action during the official leaders’ debates on October 7th. Third, we’re starting to gear up for the massive climate strikes being planned for September 27th across Canada.  Our key message this week is: No matter what, we’re organizing to put climate change and a Green New Deal on the agenda this election. 

Here’s some things you can do to take action this week: 

  1. Keep pushing the CBC Change the Debate petition. This could mean circulating the petition to your friends, running or joining a canvass, or just spending some time spreading the word on social media. If you’re interested in running a canvass, check out the resources below. Here is the petition to Jennifer McGuire, the CBC’s Editor-in-Chief and General Manager.
  2. Write a Letter to the Editor at your local paper calling for the CBC to host a climate debate. Local media is absolutely critical to shaping hearts and minds about a critical political issue. Your letter could have a big impact in your community. Use our tool to submit your letter in 3 easy steps!
  3. We’re still looking for folks who can join our National Support Team and volunteer their skills to support the national Our Time campaign. If that’s you, sign up here.

    Highlights from across the country:

    45,000+ strong: Last week, Our Time organizers in Toronto visited the CBC Headquarters to deliver 45,000+ signatures from people all across the country who are demanding a leaders’ debate on the climate crisis. CBC’s head of public affairs, Chuck Thompson came out to receive the signatures and a clear message: “Just like the climate crisis, we are not going away until you take action.”

    This week we’re ramping up the pressure on the CBC with petition deliveries at CBC studios across the country. 

Power from the Ground Up: We’re truly blown away by the hard work that Our Time organizers across the country are putting in, gathering thousands of new signatures to the petition for a leaders’ climate debate. In Calgary, in one weekend alone, organizers collected hundreds of signatures at the Calgary Stampede that have added to the base of 1000+ supporters in Alberta’s financial center. Yes, you read that right. Keep up this amazing work of stirring up this conversation in your communities, and check out the canvassing resources below if you want to start leading conversations in your own community!

Election State of Play:

Election polls have stabilized over the last few weeks but this week, Abacus Data, working with Seth Klein, published an amazing comprehensive poll on climate change and a Green New Deal. 

Here are our 5 biggest take-aways: 

  • People are further ahead on this issue than politicians. Most people think we’re in or facing a climate emergency and that politicians aren’t doing enough. This means that pushing for bolder action is the right way to go.
  • People are feeling the impacts of climate change. A whopping 73% of people in Canada say they have personally experienced or had someone close to them experience the impacts of climate change. This means sharing our stories, talking about climate impacts, and meeting people where they are is critical.
  • People like a Green New Deal. Broadly speaking, the kinds of policies that could make up a Green New Deal for Canada polled well, outpacing support for middling policies like our current carbon tax. Interestingly, the framing of a “World War II scale mobilization” to tackle climate change also resonated positively with a majority of people.
  • But, most people don’t know about it. A majority of people polled had never heard of the Green New Deal. That means we have work to do. It also means that a climate debate would be a massive win. Once people read a description of a Green New Deal for Canada, most of them supported it.
  • Billionaires and corporations should pay for it. Support for a Green New Deal is strongest when it includes massive government spending to support people and communities through the transition AND when that spending is tied to government increases in taxes on corporations and the rich.


You can read a summary of the poll here or get a quicker rundown from Seth Klein in this tweet thread

Tools and Resources:

  • If you’re thinking about writing an op-ed or a blog, we’ve produced this guide to help.
  • CBC Change the Debate Canvassing Resources
    Help build power in the fight for a leaders’ debate on climate change and a Green New Deal by running a canvass in your community. Here are all the details on how you can get it started:  

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