Ready to win transformative action to tackle climate change in this election?

Vote for a Green New Deal

A Green New Deal is the only plan bold and ambitious enough to tackle the climate crisis. It means science-based climate policies, action to uphold Indigenous rights, and millions of jobs in a 100% renewable energy economy. Here’s more on a Green New Deal.

I can’t  vote 
Photo Credit: Nhattan Nguyen

1. Check to confirm that you are registered to vote 

If you’re a Canadian citizen aged 18 or over the most likely scenario is that you’re already registered. You can check to make sure here. 

You can register online or in-person before you vote or at the polling station when you go to vote. Either way, to register you will need ID and a proof of address. Here are the details on where to register and what to bring. 

2. Make a plan! 

Figure out WHEN and WHERE you want to vote.

3. Do the research on your local candidates:

4. Is there a Green New Deal Champion in your riding?

5. Invite your friends and family to come vote with you!

After you’ve had one-on-one conversations about why this federal election is absolutely critical for tackling the climate emergency, one of the most important things you can do is to help get those people to the polls!

We need more than votes to win big 

Winning a Green New Deal in this election will mean getting all hands on deck to elect Green New Deal Champions. We’re also building political power that we can use to push our elected leaders after the election. Here’s how you can join:

Join a local Our Time Hub

Help us Get Out the Vote