Blog by Amara Possian

I’m still processing the mixed bag of last night’s election results.

Some of our boldest champions lost in heartbreaking races after Our Time organizers poured countless hours into supporting their campaigns. At the same time, we elected powerful champions, like Leah Gazan in Winnipeg Centre, Matthew Green in Hamilton Centre and Jenny Kwan in Vancouver East, as part of an eight candidate squad headed to Ottawa to fight for a Green New Deal.

These eight candidates ran people-powered campaigns committed to a Green New Deal, and demonstrated the kind of bold leadership that we’re going to need on our movement’s side.

Climate change was, for the first time in history, a top voting issue. That’s in no small part because of the climate strikes and the organizing you did across the country these past few months. On top of this, the vast majority of voters cast a ballot for parties that promised bolder climate action – action they only committed to under massive pressure from our movement.

And, our movement is just getting started.

We’re in a critical window right now, where the priorities of our next government are up for negotiation. The Liberals didn’t win a majority of seats, so they need other parties to help them pass legislation. Help us ramp up the pressure right away.

Sign our petition calling on the politicians to set partisanship aside and govern for a Green New Deal.

One thing that hasn’t changed after the election is the ticking clock we’re facing to deal with the climate crisis. We mobilized an unprecedented movement over the past few weeks, and now we need to keep pushing.

The first hundred days of a new government are a critical time for building momentum around bold, ambitious policies.

Let’s speak up and demand ambitious action from all of our new elected leaders.

I hope you were all able to get some sleep last night. Campaigns are never over the day after the election. For candidates, there are signs to take down, offices to close, and finances to work through. On our end, we’re finalizing our plans to make the most of this critical window.

We’ll be in touch with more soon.