During the 2019 election, 350 Canada ran the Our Time campaign, made up of a distributed network of grassroots hubs across the country. While the campaign is now over, some local groups have continued organizing autonomously under the Our Time banner. This website tells the story of everything we accomplished together in 2019. To learn more about 350 Canada’s more recent campaigns visit our website here

This is Our Time for a Green New Deal

We’re building a mass movement in support of a made-in-Canada Green New Deal. The first step is holding our newly elected leaders to account.

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Who are we?

Our Time is a national campaign led by young people who are championing a vision for a Green New Deal for Canada — an ambitious plan to tackle climate change and inequality.

We’re building people power and political power. During the 2019 election, we knocked on countless doors, mobilized thousands of people to join the historic climate strikes, and built a movement of organizers who are ready to fight tooth and nail for a Green New Deal.

Winning a Green New Deal for Canada will require an unprecedented uprising. That’s why, as local organizing continues, we’re dedicating a lot of energy to strategizing around what’s next. Stay tuned for updates.

Organizing to make #elxn43 the climate election

Youth-led Our Time Hubs made waves across the country and collected 500,000+ signatures to push the CBC to host a climate leaders’ debate. In the end, we made sure that climate was the most discussed topic in the official leaders’ debate.

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Voting for Green New Deal Champions

Thousands of volunteers in youth-led Our Time hubs organized to get out the vote for Green New Deal Champions.We helped elect a squad of 8 champions who are committed to fighting the climate crisis and rising inequality.

Check out our full campaign timeline.

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Our Time hubs organized post-secondary campus walk-outs for the climate strike on September 27th which brought close to 1 million people out on the streets across Canada.
Moving forward, we’re committed to supporting ongoing climate strikes.

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Organizing Post Election

We wasted no time getting to work after the election. On October 28th, 27 youth were arrested for occupying the House of Commons. They brought mandate letters calling on new MPs to govern for a Green New Deal. Moving forward, we are working with young leaders to keep the pressure up.

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On December 13th, Member of Parliament, Peter Julian, announced he submitted a Motion M-1: Green New Deal for Canada.

This is a huge victory for our movement. Young people mobilized in unprecedented numbers during the election to elect Green New Deal Champions like Peter Julian. This is the first motion filed in the 43rd Parliament and it includes all of the Green New Deal pillars that young people called for during the election. M-1 speaks to our movement’s power to shift the conversation on climate action.

Specifically, M-1 calls on the House of Commons to take the position that it is the “duty of the government to create a Green New Deal.”

The motion defines a Green New Deal as a 10 year national mobilization to:

  • reach net zero greenhouse gas emissions
  • create millions of secure jobs
  • invest in sustainable infrastructure and industry
  • promote justice and equity for Indigenous peoples and all “frontline and vulnerable communities.”


Read the full text here

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Motion M-1 lays the foundation for the 43rd Parliament to begin building the bold, ambitious Green New Deal that we’ve been fighting for. But we need to act quickly to make sure that it receives the attention it deserves.

Before MPs can speak to the motion, they need to hear from their constituents. That’s why we need people across Canada to gather petition signatures in support of the motion and deliver them to MP offices across the country. We’ve put together a toolkit that makes it easy to go through all the steps.